How to get a permission for restricted footpaths in the Sierra de Grazalema

Permission for restricted footpaths in Grazalema

There are only 4 footpaths in the Grazalema Natural park that require permission to enter. They are. El Torreon, El Pinsapar, Garganta Verde and Llano de Ravel. You can apply for a permit around one month in advance and the best way to do this is by email. The information you need to give in the email is….

  • Your name,
  • Your passport number
  • How many people going on the walk
  • What date for the walk
  • Which walk you want to do

Right now there are 2 emails that you can write to. Try both!

Email 1
Email 2

It is also a good idea to give an alternative date just in case the date you want is full… It is highly recommended to to do these walks during weekdays if you can… Try to avoid bank holiday weekends and early summer weekends when these walks get very busy.

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The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park

The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park protected area consists of a large cluster of high limestone peaks and within the mountain ranges there are ecosystems with sheer and colourful cliff faces, deep lush valleys, rich green forests and bleak white scree slopes.

Read about Grazalema here.

There are around 20 peaks above 1000m above sea level creating an impressively sculpted landscape. The highest is “El Torreón” at 1654m (5426 feet) which commands fabulous views across the mountains and as far as the plains of Cadiz province.

The area is captivating as so much of it is accessible and can easily be explored with new wonders on every turn. There are many footpaths where you can view the diverse habitats such as – a shaded riverside, a high exposed mountain peak or vertical cliffs that are home to nesting raptors.

Although most of the footpaths are freely open to the public there are four which enter into more sensitive areas that have their access restricted to limited numbers. (Click here to read about how to obtain these permits) There is also a small section in the heart of the park (Garganta Seca) that is completely closed to the public. Continue reading The Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park

Colourful Grazalema in Springtime

The countryside surrounding Grazalema is now in full spring bloom with a myriad of wild flowers showing their best after the rain in March but also the streets of Grazalema are well worth a stroll around. Many people in Grazalema take great pride in caring for their patios and balconies. Streets filled with colour! Beautiful!

Fantastic week of blue skies and walking in Grazalema.

With day time temperatures exceeding 20 degrees , the brilliant blue skies and April sunshine, I have taken a welcome break from the computer and walking with anyone else and taken off to the hills on my own to discover more walks and wildlife in the Sierra de Grazalema. Although I love my job as a writer, web site manager, nature and walking guide it’s also really nice to get out in to the peace and tranquility of my adopted home mountains alone to think a bit and reflect on who I am and where I am going whilst taking in the beauty of my surroundings…

After some rain in March and April the Sierra de Grazalema is alive with stunning spring growth and the reservoir at Zahara de la Sierra is  full to brimming bringing much relief to many locals and visitors of the Sierra…

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