How to get a permission for restricted footpaths in the Sierra de Grazalema

How to get a permission for restricted footpaths in the Sierra de Grazalema

The Sierra de Grazalema is a stunning natural park with some restricted footpaths that offer unique experiences. In the past, obtaining permits involved visiting a visitor center, but now, there’s an online system. However, it’s in Spanish only, which can be challenging for non-Spanish speakers. Using the online system, you can apply for a permit up to two months in advance. So, how to get a permission for restricted footpaths in the Sierra de Grazalema? Read on!

There are only 4 footpaths in the Grazalema Natural park that require permission to enter. They are. El Torreon, El Pinsapar, Garganta Verde and Llano de Ravel.

Permissions for restricted footpaths in Grazalema

The information details that you need to fill in on the online form are…

  • Your name.
  • Your email.
  • Your passport number. (or NIE, DNI)
  • How many people going on the walk.
  • What date for the walk.
  • Which walk you want to do.
Sierra de Grazalema Trail Reservations Made Easy: Step-by-Step Guide

It is a good idea to have an alternative date in mind just in case the date you want is full… It is also highly recommended to to do these walks during weekdays if you can… Try to avoid bank holiday weekends and early summer weekends when these walks get very busy.

From the 1st of July until the 15th of October the walks are even more difficult to access as they are completely closed or semi closed due to the risk of fire. It is recommended to walk these routes outside of these dates due to the heat and also the difficulty in arranging a permission.

Walking in the Spanish countryside. Safety and advice.
how to get a permission for restricted footpaths in the Sierra de Grazalema?
Step by step instructions for walking permits in the Sierra de Grazalema

The booking site is published in Spanish language only and that may cause a few issues for non Spanish speaking people who want to walk the restricted access walks in the Sierra de Grazalema (El Pinsapar, El Torreon, Garganta Verde and Llano de Ravel.)

The website for permits is:

  1. On this page click on the image above the word “particulares
  2. On the new page click on “Accesso sin certificado digital
  3. On the next page you need to choose you type of identification. If you are using a passport then select “Otros del titular” and enter your passport number.
The next page covers where and when you want to walk the route. Fill out these in the following order.
  1. Selecione un Espacio“. Drop down and select the Sierra de Grazalema
  2. Seleccione una actividad“. Drop down and select the name of the walk you want to do.
  3. seleccione una opción“. Drop down and select the option for the walk that you previously entered.
  4. Select the date using the calender.
  5. Horario” select the hour that you want to enter the walk.
  6. No Visitantes“. Type in the amount of people in your group.
  7. Scoll down and click on “siguiente” which means next.
On the next page is the personal details form (Red Asterix are obligatory fields) others are optional.
  1. Appellido1” and “Nombre”. eg Dave in the first box and Smith in the second.
  2. Email” add your email address.
  3. Móvil” A working mobile number in the form of +xx where the +xx is the country code.

Don’t forget to tick the box for “La persona solicitante DECLARA, bajo su responsabilidad, que son ciertos cuantos datos figuran en la presente solicitud.” before you send the form using the send button at the bottom.

In a short time you will get an email confirming your reservation.


Pulse el siguiente enlace para confirmar la reserva
:” – (Click the link to confirm your reservation)

In the page that opens from the confirmation email you MUST click the “Confirmar” link. (There is a 25 minute window to do this if not you have to start over all again!)

After confirmation you will then get yet another email with the reservation details. You can either print this or show it to a forest guard from your mobile (Should you encounter one) whilst entering or walking the route.

Cancelling or making changes to your reservation

If you want to change dates or cancel the reservation then go back to the website:

Click on “Accede tus reservas
Enter the details of your reservation. (Identification number and the booking number you received in th confirmation email) and click “Acceder

You have three options at the bottom of the screen after your reservation details.
  • Descargar Reserva” which means DOWNLOAD your reservation.
  • Modificar Reserva” which means EDIT or modify your reservation.
  • Cancelar Reserva” which means CANCEL your reservation.

Whichever option you choose you will get a confirmation email after making any changes.

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The walks that need permits – How to get a permission for restricted footpaths in the Sierra de Grazalema?

Pinsapar: 6 hours, steep initial climb. Linear. Start 2km from Grazalema, finish in Benamahoma arriving at the campsite on Calle Nacimiento. There are great views and of course the Pinsapar forest is the highlight of this walk. (Alternatively, retrace your steps from the forest to return to the car park.) Permit needed.

Torreon: 5 hours, a steep incline to the  summit. Same path return. Start point is 5km from Grazalema on the road to El Bosque. The highest peak within park at 1654m. Amazing views of the park and surrounds. Good chance of seeing wild mountain goats and raptors.
Permit needed.

Garganta Verde: 4 to 5 hours with a very steep descent. Same path return. The start point is 4km from Zahara on the mountain pass road to Grazalema. Approx 400m deep gorge with a vast, beautiful cave at the base. (For the vulture viewing platform continue along narrow path hidden behind sign, without turning left down hill to the Garganta. The last part is a steep, short rocky climb. Please respect the silence sign.) Permit needed.

Llano de Ravel: 3 hours, a gravel track, slight incline. Same path return. Start point 4.5km from Zahara on the mountain pass road to Grazalema. The more gentle of the permit walks aims towards the base of the Pinsapar forest, though not into it. Permit needed.

The following walks do NOT require permission….

Salto del Cabrero: THIS FOOTPATH IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC FROM THE GRAZALEMA SIDE. ACCESS IS FROM BENAOCAZ TO THE SALTO DEL CABRERO THEN BACK TO BENAOCAZ .4 hours, linear (or walk to the rock from which the name is taken and return on the same path, beginning from either end.) Start from Puerto del Boyar 3km from Grazalema on the Benamahoma road. There is a fairly steep decent into Benaocaz to finish the linear route arriving near Hostal San Anton. Great views, plenty of plants, animals and birds to enjoy.

Cerro de Coros: 2 hours, circular, narrow in parts. Start point is the parking area at Puerto de las Palomas.When facing the Zahara lake the entrance is through a wire fence on the right hand side. From this high vantage point an easy walk will give fabulous overviews of Grazalema and Zahara areas. Often bringing you close to the vultures.

Rio Majaceite: 2 to 3 hours, linear, crossing the river by small bridges. Start in Benamahoma at the lowest point of the village, to descend with the flow to El Bosque. Entering El Bosque near to the Botanical gardens and continuing to the centre.  A cooler, easy, walk for the summer. ( Returning by the same track 5 to 6 hours.)

Sima del Republicano: 4 hours, returning on the same route. Mainly on farm tracks, with the last part across fields. Start point is alongside the Payoyo cheese factory just on the Grazalema side of Villaluenga. The Sima or swallow hole is a steeply descending cavern created by water flow.

Fuente de Libar: 5 hours, ascend from Montejaque to a large high, limestone valley typical of the area. From the Plaza de Montejaque aim uphill to the church and then continue out above the village. This track also leads to several farms and much of the valley is grazing land. You could return at any point although the track does continue to Cortes de la Frontera, the last part becoming more difficult and adding another hour or so.

All these walks are suitable if you are looking for:
  • A walking holiday in Grazalema (Guided or unguided)
  • A wildlife holiday in Grazalema (Guided or unguided)
  • A photography holiday in Grazalema (Guided or unguided)

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