Cafe bar Rumores in Grazalema

Although not a “hidden” gem in the village of Grazalema The cafe bar “Rumores” located on the town square in Grazalema does have a few surprises in store… Most people think of the place for breakfasts,  afternoon coffee and cakes but the food coming out of the kitchen at lunchtime is equal to and sometimes greater than other restaurants in the village… Fantastic fresh salads, local cheeses, meats and soups… It is well worth sitting, watching the village comings and goings of the village and sampling some of the great food on the menu. Vegeterian food is available without a problem..

Inside is a fantastic shop selling home made cakes and pastries plus their very own delicious bread recipes

They have a website with more information here.

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A small city perched on a seemingly precarious platform of rock, Ronda is in fact an impregnable fortress only defeated in battle through trickery, and during the reconquest with modern (for the era) rock blasting cannons.

The mountains and valleys of the Serranía de Ronda are home to a tough breed of people, yet in Ronda these people are refined, some are gentry, some gypsies, others are just common folk, but all proudly call themselves Rondeños.

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