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bars and restaurants are reopening

Well, slowly but surely all the bars and restaurants are reopening in Ronda, Grazalema and the area around the Caminito del Rey.

Many hotels are already taking bookings as well. However, it does seem that Ronda is lagging behind a little in this respect. Let’s hope it catches up soon.

The state of alarm declared here in Spain due to the outbreak of Covid-19 will be lifted on the 21st of June 2020.

This means that this “new normality” that everyone has been talking about will be a reality. What exactly does it mean? Who knows to be honest. Hopefully it will mean that the quality of establishements will be better than ever. Providing a clean and safe environment to sample those Spanish tapas or wallowing in the jacuzzi of your favorite hotel.

Whats new on the websites?

Heres the latest article over at Ronda Today if you fancy a horseriding holiday in this stunning area of Western Andalucia.

The Caminito del Rey is up and running and there are virtually no spaces left aaccording to the official online booking system. Have a look here for some alternative ways to get an entry ticket

The Spanish version Event Calendar is developing nicely. All the basic village and town information articles are written and published and there are now 41 villages on the new pages.

A few events have been published For some villages and I expect this to increase a lot with the lockdown lifted and more freedom to move around.

That said, pretty much every summer feria and romería has been cancelled for this year. So this August will be a quiet one without the usual fun fairs, dodgems and deafening concerts untill the early morning sun rises. 🙂

You can see the event calendar website here. Its all in Spanish so good practice for your language skills. 🙂

Wildside Holidays is also doing pretty well of late! I am seeing traffic increasing and hopefully the businesses running wildlife holidays in Spain will benefit a little from this project.

Wildside Holidays – Spain

The top wildlife, activity and walking holiday companies in Spain. Small family companies living and working in Spain. Local guides are the best!

So, theres more happening in my neck of the woods than just the bars and restaurants are reopening!

Happy travels and stay safe!


The new events calendar for Grazalema and its neighbours

So, I am working on the new events calendar. It’s not just the Sierra de Grazalema as before but now but takes in all of the Serranía de Ronda from Algámitas across to Benaladid to Ubrique via Cortes de la Frontera and finishing up alphabetically in Zahara de la sierra.

Events right now are few and far between due to the coronavirus issue that continues to persist.

That said, things are coming alive again slowly but surely.

Bars and restaurants are opening. Places to visit and things to do. Hotels taking reservations.

You can follow the progress of the new event calender on this domain here.

It is in Spanish so good for your language practice.

Planning for trips closer to home this summer?

Some of us are “lucky enough” to live in areas of outstanding natural beauty close to all the holiday amenities anyone could ever need. (I like the word “lucky”… Seems the “harder” I “work” the “luckier” I get!) 🙂

Looking to the future as this coronavirus thing starts to settle down I guess that anyone in the holiday/tourism industry must now see that international tourism is finished for 2020 and probably won’t get started properly again untill the end of 2021 or even as far away as 2022.

But that doesn’t mean that we all roll over and cry ourselves to sleep! No matter where you live in the world, within a hundred kilometres there must be something of Interest? I mean, If you live in Málaga or Marbella then Ronda is easily within reach for a weekend visit yes?

In my opinion its up to us small businesses, local guides, hotels and other tourist related outfits to focus our advertising efforts towards local clients. (As I have always preached!) After all, a great part of the global economy does depend on tourism and local tourism could help to get us out of this coronavirus mess we seem to have found ourselves in.

And if you can get to Ronda then, of course Grazalema as well… You could visit the botanical gardens in the village of El Bosque for example…

What about a weekend getaway somewhere in the Sierra de Grazalema?